March Update

Wheel improvements and custom deliverables

In March, CIMIT released a major upgrade of its GAITS platform. The two biggest things that impact users is the improved navigation and display of Deliverables and being able to add custom Deliverables on private Team/Solution sites.

Deliverable Navigation

Each “Cell” of the Healthcare Innovation Cycle is now divided into “Segments”, one for each Deliverable. The Segment grows radially to represent its percent completion. Providing a much more detailed assessment at a glance!

You can now hover over a Segment to see which Deliverable it represents and click on it to access the details. Navigation by clicking on a Milestone (e.g. 3. Proof of Concept) is still available to see the full set of Deliverables.

Custom Deliverable (Requirement)

Site Administrators can now add Custom Deliverables (or in other words “Requirements”) by clicking on a Milestone which will display all Deliverables and then clicking on the “Add Requirement” box in the most appropriate Domain. Then fill-out the template with the following:

  • Short Name
  • What is it
  • Why it is important
  • How to go about completing it.
Note: You can add Resources that provide general information about the requirement but use the Planning & Tracking function for the specifics of your project. 

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