This is a free educational resource site to help teams who are developing healthcare innovations plan their work in a way that maximizes the chances for success by using CIMIT's Healthcare Innovation Cycle framework. The Healthcare Innovation Cycle captures CIMIT's experience facilitating more than 1,000 teams with innovative healthcare solutions. It is composed of a series of Deliverables grouped by maturity (10 "Innovation Maturity Levels") and topic areas (4 Domains) creating 40 Cells. Each Cell is divided into Segments that represent a Deliverable. As a Deliverable is being completed, the Segment grows radially to show its status, providing a quick "diagnostic" for a project. The example below shows a classic "Tech Push" profile which leaves the team at significant risk!

How to Use the Free Version

  • Select the solution type. There are 4 solution types implemented so far and more are coming. The implemented ones are:

  • Hover over a Segment to see the Deliverable and click to see the details or click on a Milestone (e.g. 2. Idea) to see the Deliverables in all four Domains.
  • When you click on a deliverable, a page will pop-up to describe what the Deliverable is, why it is important, and how to go about the work.
  • For private sites, the page also allows teams to plan and track their progress as well as impact. That functionality is disabled on this public site.
  • Scroll down past the Planning and Tracking fields to access curated, public resources (articles, templates, videos, etc) that may help you complete the work.
  • Please use the Feedback tab on the right if you have a question, see a bug, have a suggestion to improve the site, or recommend a resource for a Deliverable!

Have Resource to Suggest?

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Need Help?

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