Plan With Structured Work Packages

GAITS Work Packages are collections of Deliverables that are being completed together, usually as part of a funding tranche, be it a grant or investment. GAITS helps teams organize and develop well structured Work Packages that can be easily tracked.



  • Deliverables can be grouped into logical Work Packages based on funding levels available
  • Budgets, start date, duration, responsible person, and other parameters can be entered


  • Planning: Teams move things around until the plan is ready to submit for approval
  • Submitted: Portfolio managers review planned Work Packages and send them back to planning or to an active stage
  • Active: Team members and portfolio managers track progress against the plan 
  • Completed: Work is marked complete with the option for Portfolio Managers to rate and comment


  • Percent complete calculated based on the Deliverables in a Work Package
  • Percent complete and percent of time passed is displayed
    • In active Work Packages
    • In the Gantt view