Report Project Impact

Funders are always seeking to know what impact their funding has had and collecting it in real time rather than retroactively improves accuracy and also streamlines reporting requirements. In addition, since innovation in healthcare is a learnable, teachable process is should be measured so it can be improved.

Impact reports show longitudinal traction


  • Developed based on CIMIT's Clinical Impact Study first conducted in 2010
  • Three major categories
    • Clinical: How many patients are "touched" (i.e. benefited) and institutions are using the solution?
    • Knowledge: How is innovation capacity increased?
    • Commercial: How many jobs are created and how many patents are emerging?


  • Each metric has its own way of tracking tailored to its character
  • All metrics are time stamped to create a longitudinal record


  • Graphical reports created for teams to use showing traction

Customizing Metrics

  • The ability for a portfolio manager to customize the metrics they want to collect is in development