Visually Display a Project’s Status/Maturity

The GAITS "carousel" is an interactive display that shows snap-shot of the status of a project. It enables users to quickly see the maturity of the project and how balanced the team's approach has been in de-risking a project.


  • There are 10 Innovation Maturity Levels and 4 Domains from the Healthcare Innovation Cycle
    • Select a Maturity Level to see Deliverables
  • Deliverables define what is needed at each Maturity Level and Domain
    • Mouse over each to read the Deliverable name
    • Select to learn more and see the curated resources
  • The radial height of each Deliverable represents the % complete
  • The project represented by this carousel is a typical "Tech Push" project
    • The project might be fine, however, there is significant business risk in moving forward
    • The prudent next step would be to review all incomplete, non-technical, deliverables