Capturing Longitudinal Deliverable History Data


In this video, I will explain the two methods for adding longitudinal data to capture the history of a deliverable's maturity status. The first method is automatic, where the data is added on the date of the deliverable status update. The second method is manual, which is important for projects with active GAITS sites before October 2023. I will guide you through the different ways to update the maturity status and show you how to backfill data before October. This new feature will help you effectively tell the your project "story" and assist you in the future in knowing how long things typically take.


0:00 - Introduction
0:25 - Manual Data Addition
0:46 - Backfilling Data
1:12 - Updating Maturity Status from Tracking Form
1:46 - Changing Status from Deliverable Icon
2:10 - Monitoring Work Packages
2:51 - Editing Data from Tracking Status Bar