Guidance to De-Risk and Accelerate Projects

The Healthcare Innovation Cycle is the foundation of GAITS and provides a roadmap for teams to complete deliverables in sequence as a project matures in a way that also de-risks it. Resources are curated so teams can use best practices to complete each deliverable.


  • 10 Maturity Levels based on the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) framework, but adapted for healthcare innovation
  • 4 Domains that need to be addressed at each Maturity Level to ensure a balanced approach which de-risks a project
  • Deliverables for a Solution Type at the intersection of each Maturity Level and Domain, based on the experience of the GAITS network, that provide teams guidance on what should be done
  • Curated Resources for each Deliverable to guide teams in using best practices
    • Articles, videos, examples, templates, etc.
    • Tagged to specific regions as appropriate (e.g. relating to reimbursement, regulatory, etc.)