CoLab was launched in 2008 with a focus on improving CIMIT's own proposal management process to enhance collaboration and improve efficiency. The approach was to use best-in-class technology with the goal to improve our ability to engage and support the growing community of healthcare innovators around the Boston area while also streamlining operations and saving money.

Over time, as CIMIT has expanded nationally and internationally to support other initiatives, the platform has steadily grown and evolved. This has enabled CIMIT to grow its network of collaborators and expert reviewers as well as collect and share best practices in managing complex solicitations.


We rely on commercially available, robust, tested/proven software platforms.  We are currently on our 4th generation and are using the Open Water engine to drive CoLab today. CoLab has grown to the point that it is used by CIMIT and our collaborators to process thousands of applications and hundreds of awards per year.