Portfolio Site Introduction

New tools for Portfolio Managers

A new GAITS Portfolio Site is now available. The User Guide is being updated, but in the meantime, we wanted to make Portfolio Managers aware of the new functionality. We have also implemented major updates for Solution sites including Work Package planning and monitoring, team member management, and tracking navigation as described in a separate summary.

Unlike GAITS Solution sites, Portfolio sites can be customized to meet the unique needs of a program. The platform has a wide range of out-of-the-box functionality available that can be configured quickly at set-up or over time. For example, functionality can be added to show all activity on the site, message boards, finding members, your other sites, and many more. The core portfolio management functionality is outlined below:

Portfolio Tab
The portfolio tab provides quick summary of all project sites in a portfolio with the ability to quickly drill-down into each project. Each project is listed and shows the Healthcare Innovation Cycle status alongside an overview of each Work Package. Each Work Package shows the current stage (e.g. submitted, active, or completed) and summary data. Progress bars are shown for active stages, while 5-star ratings (more about these below) are shown for completed stages

The blue bar represents the cumulative % complete of all Deliverables in a Work Package and the green bar is the % time consumed. If red, the work package is overdue.

Also, we encourage Portfolio Managers to add a brief description of each project in addition to the project name to help recall what each project is about (use the Site)

New Solution Notes Tab
When the name of the Solution (in the top gray bar) is clicked, it opens a new page on the GAITS site that is only accessible to the Portfolio Manager: the “Solution Notes” page. It shows the solution status, has a free-text box for notes, and a SWOT Analysis section.
Work Package Rating
By clicking on the Work Package name, the Work Package edit page opens. When the Portfolio Manager marks a Work Package complete, the 5-star rating option appears. The rating will only show to other Portfolio Managers.

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