July Solution Site Updates

Improved work packages, team member management, and tracking navigation

A major upgrade of the GAITS Solution Site was just released. The User Guide is being updated, but in the meantime, we wanted to make users aware of the new functionality. We have also implemented a new Portfolio site that provides a quick view of the status of each project in a portfolio which is described in a separate summary.

The things that most impact Solution Site users is the improved Work Package planning and monitoring function, team member management, and tracking navigation. The changes will appear differently for each role (Solution Team Member or Viewer or Solution Administrator) as outlined below:

Work Package Planning & Monitoring

Information about each Work Package has been added and is summarized in content boxes. At the top, the budget and responsible team member is listed and the Work Package status (e.g. planning, submitted, active, or completed) and the timing at the bottom. In addition, for active Work Packages (i.e. approved by the Portfolio Manager) the team’s progress in completing the work is displayed (% of completed Deliverables vs % time consumed).


The Work Packages are displayed from left to right with the most recent start on the left. Overdue Work Packages are highlighted in light red.
Assigning Requirements

You can now “bulk” assign Requirements to Work Packages. When you open or start a Work Package, you can select any of the unassigned Requirements by clicking on them to add them to the Work Package and then save. By default, all Deliverables are assigned to the person responsible for the Work Package.

Overriding Default Responsibility

As noted above, by default the team member with responsibility for a Work Package is responsible for each Requirement. This can be overwritten for any Deliverable by clicking selecting it and the choosing any active team member.

Unassigned Requirements

The last Work Package displayed shows any unassigned Deliverables, making it easy to ensure that all are assigned.

Work Package Gantt View

At the bottom of the page the Work Packages are displayed in a Gantt view, with the gray bar being the planned duration and the blue bar being the fraction complete (based on the % complete of all Requirements)

The vertical line on the left corresponds to the project start date and the one on the right the end of the last Work Package. The vertical line in the middle is the current date.
Member Management
(Editable by Solution Admins, view-only for all others)
Inviting New Members

The new Members page enables the Solution Admin to add new members in one of the approved roles (another Admin, a team member with read-write access or a view only role.) They enter the new members e-mail and select the desired role. Invited members who have not yet accepted are also listed.

Accepting Invitations

The invited team member gets an e-mail invitation with a link to accept or ignore the invite

Make sure the invitee knows to look at the “Request List” tab on their Notifications page to confirm acceptance of the invitation

Tracking Navigation

After adding tracking information for a Requirement/ Deliverable, you have the option to “Save and Back” which brings you back to the HIC Wheel or just “Save” which allows you to stay on the page and use the top navigation to open another Requirement/ Deliverable

Accessing Tracking Fields

To make accessing the desired Tracking Field, each can be opened or collapsed and that setting will propagate to all Requirements in the site until changed anywhere.

Click + to expand and – to collapse.


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